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The Leveson Centre for the study of Ageing, Spirituality and Social Policy

Working with Older People
A resource directory for Churches

Working with Older People

Second edition 2006
Published in collaboration with MHA Care Group

This groundbreaking Directory was first published by the Leveson Centre in collaboration with MHA Care Group in 2004 and is now available in a second edition both in hard copy and on the web. It brought together for the first time details of over 100 church-related organisations working with older people. Its publication was an important step towards challenging many of the prevalent attitudes both in society and church to age and ageing.

The Directory includes national church-related organisations; innovative local organisations and projects in individual churches; diocesan and similar church bodies with a particular interest in ageing issues and individuals working in this area. An appendix lists some secular bodies carrying out work of relevance to the spiritual needs of older people.

We hope that the Directory will help churches both nationally and locally to value and affirm this work and to begin to see older people as an enormous spiritual, political and human resource for mission and ministry. It should also prevent unnecessary duplication by ensuring that people engaged in similar work are aware of each other's involvement and can share experiences together.

Working with Older People - A resource directory for Churches
is published in three forms:

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  • PDF version (Second Edition - 478 KB) - free download download

  • Update First Edition to Second Edition
    in PDF format (1.3 MB) - replacement sheets and instructions to update
    your existing first edition directory - free download download

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