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The Leveson Centre for the study of Ageing, Spirituality and Social Policy
Older people

The Spiritual Needs of Older People
Resource List

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Older People And The Churches

Appleton, Nigel (1998) Respecting the Gift of Years (URC). [4]

Burnham, Anthony (1999) Maturity for Beginners: the church and an ageing population (Help the Aged).

Butler, Michael and Orbach, Ann (1993) Being your Age: pastoral care for older people (SPCK).

Butler, Michael and Davies, Elizabeth (2000) The Spiritual Riches of the Older Person (Chichester Diocesan Department of Social Responsibility). [10]

Butler, Michael (ed) (1997) Visiting Older People (Christian Council on Ageing). [5]

Carey, George (1997) Care and Dignity in the Next Millennium: will older people have a prayer? (The Abbeyfield Society).

Chester, Rosie and Smith, Jef (1996) Acts of Faith: a study of older people and their places of worship (Counsel and Care). [8]

Church Army (2001) (3rd ed) Older people and Evangelism (Church Army). [11]

Church of England Board for Social Responsibility (1990) Ageing (Church House Publishing).

Cunnington, Andrew (2000) How can this be: a study of the spiritual lives of older people (Midhurst Booklets).

Duke, Michael Hare (2001) One Foot in Heaven: growing older and living life to the full (Triangle).

Halley Stewart Age Awareness Booklets (see below for details). [3]

Howse, Ken (1999) Spirituality, Religion and Older People (CPA).

Jewell, Albert (2000) Grow Old along with me (NCEC).

Jewell, Albert (2001) Older People and the Church (Methodist Publishing House).

Jewell, Albert (ed) (1999) Spiritual Perspectives on Ageing (Methodist Homes). [3]

Jewell, Albert (nd) Working with Older People (Methodist Homes). [3]

Johnson A M and Hickman Morris H (2000) Understanding the Needs of Older People (Leveson Paper No 1) (The Leveson Centre). [2]

Knox, Ian S (2002) Older People and the Church (T & T Clark).

Merchant, Rob (2003) Pioneering the Third Age (Paternoster Press)

Methodist Church (2002) What Shall we do Now? Christian resources for older people (Methodist Church).

Murphy, Charles (??) Dementia Care and the Churches: involving people in premises (Dementia Services Development Centre, Stirling) [7]

Santer, Mark (2000) Valuing Age: an agenda for society and the church (Leveson Paper No 2) (The Leveson Centre). [2]

Treetops, J (1992) A Daisy among the Dandelions: the church's ministry with older people: suggestions for action (Faith in Elderly People). [6]

URC (2002) …A Time to Die: a resource pack for churches (URC). [4]

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Spiritual Needs

Airey, Jo and others (2002) Frequently Asked Questions on Spirituality and Religion (CCOA, MHA, Faith in Elderly People). [1]

Hammond, Gaynor (2002) The Memory Box (Faith in Elderly People). [6]

Hammond, Gaynor and Moffitt, Laraine (2000) Spiritual Care: guidelines for care plans (CCOA and Faith in Elderly People). [1]

Jewell, Albert (1999) Recognising People's Spiritual Needs (Methodist Homes). [3]

Jewell, Albert (ed) (1999) Spirituality and Ageing (Jessica Kingsley).

MacKinlay, Elizabeth (2001) The Spiritual Dimension of Ageing (Jessica Kingsley).

Wainwright, David (2001) Being rather than Doing: a spirituality of retirement (CCOA). [5]

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Spiritual Needs in Care Homes

Brooks, Sue and Hooker, Dot (2000) Worshipping with Older People (Rochester Diocese). [9]

Butler, Michael (ed) (rev 1999) Worship in Residential Care (CCOA). [5]

Counsel and Care (1995) Last Rights: a study of how death and dying are handled in residential care and nursing homes (Counsel and Care). [8]

Green, Fred Pratt (1991) The Last Lap (Stainer and Bell).

Johnson, Alison (2000) Residential Care: A Christian Perspective (CCOA). [5]

Johnson, Malcolm (2002) Committed to the Asylum? The long term care of older people (Leveson Paper No 3) (The Leveson Centre). [2]

Kellaher, Leonie (2000) A Choice Well Made (CPA and Methodist Homes).

Moffitt, Laraine (1997) Practice Learning Scheme: visiting elderly people in residential care (CCOA). [1]

Regan, Dominic and Smith, Jef (1997) The Fullness of Time : how homes for older people can respond to their residents' needs for wholeness and a spiritual dimension to care (Counsel and Care). [8]

Valins, Oliver (2002) Facing the Future: the provision of long-term care facilities for older Jewish people in the United Kingdom (JPR).

Valins, Oliver (2002) Facing the Future: the provision of long-term care facilities for older Jewish people in the United Kingdom (JPR).

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Spiritual Needs of People living with Dementia

Allen, Brian (ed) (2002) Religious Practice and People with Dementia (CCOA). [1]

Bruce, E et al (2002) A Special Kind of Care: improving well-being in people living with dementia (MHA). [3]

CCOA (2002) Living with Dementia: resources from Christian organisations (CCOA and Methodist Homes). [3]

CCOA (2001) Visiting People with Dementia (CCOA and Methodist Homes). [3]

CCOA (2001) Worship for People with Dementia (CCOA and Methodist Homes). [3]

Froggatt, Alison and Shamy, Eileen (rev ed 1998) Dementia: a Christian perspective (CCOA Occasional Paper No 5). [5]

Froggatt, Alison and Moffitt, Laraine (1997) 'Spiritual Needs and Religious Practice in Dementia Care' in Mary Marshall (ed) State of the Art in Dementia Care (CPA).

Goldsmith, Malcolm (1998) Dementia, Ethics and the Glory of God (CCOA Occasional Paper No 11). [5]

Hammond, Gaynor (2002) The Friendship Club (Faith in Elderly People). [6]

Higgins, Patricia (2003) Holding a Religious Service for People with Dementia Journal of Dementia Care 11 (3)

Killick, John and Allan, Kate (2001) Communication and the Care of People with Dementia (Open University Press)

Moffitt, Laraine (1996) Helping to Re-create a Personal Sacred Space Journal of Dementia Care 4 (3)

Murphy, Charles J (1997) Dementia Care and the Churches: involving people and premises (Dementia Services Development Centre, Stirling). [7]

Shamy, Eileen (2003) A Guide to the Spiritual Dimension of Care for People with Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementia (previously published in New Zealand as
More than Body, Brain and Breath (Jessica Kingsley).

Shamy, Eileen (1993) Spiritual Needs of People with Dementia (Dementia Services Development Centre, Stirling). [7]

Treetops, J (1996) Holy, Holy, Holy: the church's ministry for people with dementia: suggestions for action (Faith in Elderly People).[6]

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Resources available from:

[1] CCOA Dementia Project Chaplaincy Centre, St Nicholas' Hospital, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 3XT

[2] The Leveson Centre for the Study of Ageing, Spirituality and Social Policy, Temple Balsall, Knowle, Solihull, West Midlands B93 0AN

[3] Lynn Fox, MHA Care Group, Epworth House, Stuart Street, Derby DE1 2EQ

[4] URC, 86 Tavistock Place, London WC1H 9RT

[5] CCOA Publications, 19 Eldred Road, Liverpool L16 8NZ

[6] FiEP, Gaynor Hammond, 29 Silverdale Avenue, Guisley, Yorks
LS20 8BD

[7] DSDC Stirling, Iris Murdoch Building, University of Stirling, Stirling FK9 4LA

[8] Counsel and Care, Twyman House, 16 Bonny Street, London NW1 9PG

[9] Dot Hooker, Diocese of Canterbury, 60 Marsham Street, Maidstone, Kent ME14 1EW

[10] Church House, 211 New Church Road, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 4ED

[11] Church Army, Marlowe House, 109 Station Rd Sidcup DA15 7AD Tel 020 8309 3509 email

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Is Anyone There - training video pack A 20-minute video with accompanying booklets exploring what we understand by the terms spirituality and dementia, includes real care situations and sequences of worship (CCOA Dementia Project).

A Mind to Care - a video about dementia (MHA).

Nourishing the Inner Being - produced for MHA Care Group by TVA Care Limited as part of their 'Learning to Care' series. The video is inspired by the Model of Spiritual Care devised by former Senior Chaplain of MHA Care Group, Rev Albert Jewell (MHA).

The Person not the Problem - originally performed as a play, this specially commissioned work has now been produced as a video. Complete with notes to provoke and guide questions, it helps both individuals and groups confront some of the issues that dementia raises (MHA).

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Relevant Projects or Centres

Christian Council on Ageing Dementia Project
The CCOA Dementia Group has established two projects based in the North East. The first three year pilot project based in Newcastle upon Tyne was a teaching and enabling ministry to health care professionals, clergy and others in the north east. The project worker, Laraine Moffitt also researched and produced resources for anyone involved in the care of people with dementia. The second follow-up project, also based in Newcastle and lasting until November 2000 examined the possibility of diversifying and extending the work in a wider context geographically, and of working with other organisations and other faith communities.

For details of publications contact Chaplaincy Centre, St Nicholas' Hospital, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 3XT (Tel 0191 273 6666 ex 28820).

Christian Council On Ageing Dementia Group
This is a network of people who came together initially because they shared a common concern that people with dementia often were not being regarded as persons with the same rights and spiritual needs as any other person. We have sought to promote a person-centred approach to the care of people with dementia. We are always pleased to welcome new members who share our concern.

For details contact Alison Johnson, 33 The Plain, Brailsford, Ashbourne, Derbyshire DE6 3BZ (Tel 01335 361440).

Faith In Elderly People, Leeds
This is a local ecumenical group concerned with the needs, including the spiritual needs, of older people. Gaynor Hammond leads a project especially about those with dementia and their carers. FIEP has also developed the Memory Box to help stimulate the memories of people as they grow older.

For details contact Gaynor Hammond 29 Silverdale Avenue, Guisley, Yorks LS20 8BD (Tel 01943 879 320).

The Halley Stewart Project
This project was co-ordinated by Rev Albert Jewell who recently retired as Senior Chaplain of Methodist Homes. Amongst other resources, the project produced a series of booklets written to help individuals, local churches and other interested groups share a deeper understanding of the spiritual needs of older people.

The subjects of the booklets are as follows:

  1. Spirituality in the Later Years of Life
  2. Adapting our Lifestyle in Retirement
  3. The Ageing Single Person
  4. Ageing in a Strange Land
  5. Facing Terminal Illness
  6. Older People and Bereavement
  7. The spiritual Needs of People with Dementia
  8. A Last Home
  9. Those who Care for Others
  10. The Church's Ministry to ageing People.

For further details contact Lynn Fox, MHA Care Group, Epworth House, Stuart Street, Derby DE1 2EQ (Tel 01332 296200).

The Leveson Centre for the Study of Ageing, Spirituality and Social Policy
The Centre, which is open to those of all faiths and none, aims to be a local and national resource and to be an interdisciplinary centre for the study of ageing, spirituality and social policy, involving older people themselves alongside professionals, carers and church people in understanding the spiritual dimension of life.

For details contact Rev James Woodward, The Leveson Centre for the Study of Ageing, Spirituality and Social Policy, Temple Balsall, Knowle, Solihull, West Midlands B93 0AN (Tel: 01564 778022).

MHA Care Group
MHA has a Senior Chaplain, Rev Dr Keith Albans who works from Derby and is responsible for the spiritual needs of residents and staff. Pam Kent, their Spirituality of Ageing Adviser is based at the regional office in Leeds. She previously ran the MHA Centre for the Spirituality of Ageing at Hinsley Hall.

For details contact Pam Kent, Spirituality of Ageing Adviser, MHA Regional Office, Brooklands Court, Tunstall Road, Leeds LS11 5HL (Tel 0113 271 5805).

Sheffield Churches Council for Community Care
In February 2000, the Henry Smith's charity provided funding for a three year project entitled Looking after the Whole Person: meeting the emotional, social and spiritual needs of older people living in residential care. A mid-way report has been published.

For details contact SCCCC, 8 Backfields, Sheffield S1 4HJ (Tel 0114 2754021).

Copyright Alison M Johnson June 2003

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