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The Leveson Centre for the study of Ageing, Spirituality and Social Policy

Is Religion the Friend of Ageing?

Is Religion the Friend of Ageing?

Peter G Coleman
Professor of Psychogerontology, University of Southampton
Leveson Paper Number Nine

This is the text of the Third Leveson Lecture in which Peter Coleman writes from the perspective of a psychologist and bemoans the failure of psychology as a discipline to take religion seriously. In traditional societies religion respects older people and gives them a particular role in life as the transmitters of religious values to the young. Nowhere was this more obvious or more effective than in the former Soviet Union where the grandparent generation kept the Christian faith alive against severe State opposition. In the West today, by contrast, religious structures are fast loosing their significance and older people can feel abandoned by the faith communities which nurtured them. There are issues here that the churches need to face. The publication concludes with responses from Albert Jewell, Rob, Merchant, Janet Parker and James Woodward.

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Is Religion the Friend of Ageing? (Leveson Paper 9)
Peter G Coleman

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