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The Leveson Centre for the study of Ageing, Spirituality and Social Policy

Palliative Care for People with Dementia

Palliative Care for People with Dementia

Katherine Froggatt, Adrian Treloar,
Margaret Goodall, Leslie Dinning.

Leveson Paper 12

This publication brings together four papers based on presentations at a Leveson Seminar on palliative care for people with dementia. The authors offer a wealth of insights from their differing perspectives and professional expertise to enable us to begin grappling with the issues.

Katherine Froggatt explores the difficulties involved in applying the concept of palliative care or end-of-life care to people living with dementia, who may have limited awareness of what is happening and for whom the dying process may extend over several years.

Adrian Treloar, a consultant in old age psychiatry, considers the option of continuing to care for a person with dementia at home until the end. He offers case studies where it has been done successfully and explores the conditions which are required to make it possible.

Margaret Goodall considers 'the long goodbye' of people in the last stages of dementia in the context of the care home. She suggests that the search for meaning is the overriding spiritual need of people living with dementia as they approach the end of life.

Leslie Dinning offers the view of a hospital chaplain. He sees his role as going on a journey with the person living with dementia, with the family and with the staff, all of whom need support.

Palliative Care for People with Dementia (Leveson Paper 12)
Katherine Froggatt, Adrian Treloar, Margaret Goodall, Leslie Dinning.

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