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The Leveson Centre for the study of Ageing, Spirituality and Social Policy

Journeying through Old Age and Illness

Journeying through Old Age and Illness

Leo E Missinne WP
Professor of Gerontology, University of Nebraska
Leveson Paper 10

Leo Missinne argues that suffering is a part of all our lives and that we need to find ways of interpreting it positively. This becomes increasingly important as we grow older and are more likely to encounter not only physical but also psychological and spiritual suffering through waning powers and loss of many things we thought were important to our well-being. It is crucial at such times to have around us people who are prepared to journey with us through old age and illness, and who have some understanding of how best to do so.

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Journeying through Old Age and Illness (Leveson Paper 10)
Leo E Missinne WP

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